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Rattles and Chills Alternative Text needed

In the warm embrace of an Anglian home, draughts, rattles, creaks and chills belong in another world – the outside world.

Whether we fit new doors, windows or a conservatory we make them specially for you - to fit tightly into the chinks and angles of your home, and no-one else's. Which means they're uniquely draught-free. If you've chosen our A-rated windows, thanks to Anglian's Ecogain technology, as soon as they're fitted, they can get to work heating your home.

Even the tiniest details on an Anglian design have been brilliantly conceived to add beauty and save you money. You won't see those ugly metal spacer bars between our window panes - we've developed the ingenious Clearline spacer bar – slimmer, smarter and designed to reduce the loss of heat through "thermal bridging".

So if you'd rather cold air stayed on the outside where it belongs, you'll find nobody's put more thought and effort into keeping you snug in your own home than your friends at Anglian.

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Even the tiniest details on an Anglian design have been brilliantly conceived to add beauty whilst keeping you snug
Security features

Most window manufacturers have developed ways to prevent break-ins. And most burglars have found ways round them over the years.

But few companies have invested more into out-thinking intruders than Anglian. And not just the opportunist thief, but the really determined ones, too.

How safe do you really feel in your home at night?

Well, we guarantee you'll feel a whole lot safer with Anglian windows and doors between you and whatever's out there.

So your doors and windows are bristling with technology to keep unwanted people out. Like hook-shaped bolts at strategic points in the frame to stop anyone levering them out, high-quality steel shootbolts, and centre mortice bolts, for added locking strength just where it's needed.

We worked with Yale to develop tamper-free door handles that are anti-pick, anti-drill – in fact, just generally anti-burglar. All of which means you could sleep soundly through a zombie invasion and your home would be secure.

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Decorative glass Letterbox
Little touches

Quality is in the detail, they often say. And if that's true, an Anglian home is rich with quality. We don't just make glass and uPVC squares. We aim to make the best windows you can buy. And the same is true of our doors, our conservatories - pretty much everything we put out name to.

Door knocker Window lock

A lot of the little touches we add are things you'll never see. Steel strengthening plates in our windows and doors. More preparation under our driveways. Extra-deep foundations on our conservatories, allowing for more insulation under the floor. But if we didn't do it, one day you'd notice - because our products would start to look like everybody else's.

We don't just give you a choice of front doors, we allow you to choose from a host of handles, knockers and letterboxes in a choice of styles and finishes – so you can choose the one that best suits your home.

Everywhere you look, we've put nearly 50 years of thinking into it. Constantly seeing if we can make it better in some small way. We like to think of it as making life better, one detail at a time.

Check out our products below:

Put DIY to bed

Do you really want to spend your weekends up a ladder, scraping and sanding, painting and proofing? Repairing things that should never have broken in the first place?

More than a million people have already put all that behind them, by asking Anglian to fit maintenance-free products. Windows, doors and rooftrim that they'll never lift a paintbrush to.

And they've got their lives back. Just think of all those extra hours you could have if you didn't have to do so much DIY. You could spend time with the family. Read and listen to music in your new conservatory. Walk the dog. You could even get a dog.

Why not put it all behind you today? Call our advisers and say, "I don't want to do any more DIY". Then just hang up your paintbrush (not the phone!), put the sandpaper on the fire and let one of our design professionals help you step into the modern, maintenance-free world.

Check out our products below:

Put DIY to bed

We see little enough of the sun already – why do so many people block it out of their homes?

Light makes us feel good. It has real health benefits, too, but have you noticed how much happier you feel just being in a light and airy space? It's one of Anglian's missions to make Britain feel that good all over. We want to open up British homes and help you rekindle your love affair with light.

We've created conservatories without walls, extensions that bring the outside in and doors that fold away out of sight.

We've introduced Britain to glass with a low iron content, so it lets in much more light than normal and frame designs that maximise the sunshine.

So say goodbye to dingy, 50s Britain. Have a fanlight on your front door. Open up the back so you don't know where your home ends and the garden begins. Talk to us about a conservatory, an orangery or a panoramic extension. We can't wait to help you.

Check out our products below:


At Anglian, we're not some here-today-gone-tomorrow outfit. We've been around for nearly fifty years and we plan on being here for at least as much again.

And while we're here, we want our products to stand as a testament to our workmanship. Which is why we work so hard on every single detail of the products we put in your homes.

When you guarantee things for as long as we do, you make sure they're going to stay the course.

So we don't just buy good quality materials – we make them ourselves. Right here in Britain, where we can see it. We extrude every millimetre of uPVC. We toughen our own glass. Because it's the only way we can be sure that everything's been done right.

We don't just meet British standards - wherever we can, we exceed them. And when it comes to fitting it all together – well, we're not going to let poor workmanship let us down. Nobody gets let loose in your home, wearing our badge, unless they're trained and assessed regularly.

Check out our products below:


When you think about home, it's the little things that make it yours. The fine details that show the world who you are, demonstrate your impeccable taste, and make you smile when you come home at night.

And one of the best things about choosing Anglian is we've put a lot of thought into this for you. We don't want all our customers to look the same, so we've developed lots of ways you can make our products blend in with your taste and the style of your home.

When we talk to you about your front door, for instance, we'll help you make it a statement that announces to the world, if that's what you want. Handles, knockers and letterboxes in a selection of styles and finishes. You choose the materials, designs and colours, and we make it exactly as you want.

Doors, windows and conservatories come with a choice of decorative glass - bevelled, cut, etched or stained glass. And our craftsmen can even make you leaded windows in Elizabethan and Georgian styles, Georgian inserts or elegant cottage bars. You can even make a photo of your choice into a glass feature. In short - it's as near as you can get to designing it yourself.

Nobody wants to live in an identical box to their neighbours. So let Anglian's design experts help you create a home that reflects who you really are.

Check out our products below:

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